The Best Lake District Castles Near Windermere that You Should Visit


The Best Lake District Castles Near Windermere that You Should Visit

If you’re planning a short break in the Lake District, make sure that you check out these incredible Lake District castles. No matter where you go in this scenic slice of England, you’re bound to find plenty of impressive castles and historical relics. The Lake District is also full of mountains, trails, and pristine scenic lakes that you can explore to your heart’s content.

Below, we’ve compiled the top five Lake District castles that you should not miss. So put them on your bucket list today.

1. Wray Castle

Put Wray Castle on the top of your Cumbria castles list the next time you go to the Lake District. This Victorian Era castle recently opened up to visitors and features marvellous architecture and plenty of trails for you and your family to explore. Wray Castle is a home base for cycling, as you can ride all the way down the west side of Windermere right from the grounds.

Wray Castle is an excellent place for picnicking. Bring your own basket or stock up on delicious authentic treats from the King Court Cafe. Although the grounds of Wray Castle are incredible, don’t expect to see the usual antiques and paintings that generally accompany historic houses and castles.

The National Trust acquired Wray Castle empty, but the architecture is well-worth seeing. Owner Dr James Dawson of Liverpool built turrets, a portcullis, and other curiosities onto Wray Castle, making it one of the Lake District’s most intriguing marvels of design.

2. Lowther Castle

The ruins of the iconic Lowther Castle reflect how the Lake District looked during medieval times. If you want to be transported back in history, put this castle on your wishlist. One of the key draws is the castle gardens, which stretch a full 160-acres and contain Roman Baths and various garden features. You can easily spend the better part of a day wandering through them.

One thing that defines Lowther Castle as one of the top Lake District castles to visit is its history. The story of Lowther castle goes back a full 870 years, starting in 1150 when Viking descendants first made the castle their home.

There are also activities for the kids. Lowther Castle includes an adventure playground with a lost castle. Additionally, there’s a cafe where you can rest up and enjoy some delicious cuisine.

3. Kendal Castle

Kendal Castle is one of the more intriguing castles near Windermere. Built in the late 12th century, Kendal Castle is an imposing ruin with incredible views of the town beneath it. The barons of Kendal originally owned the castle, including Katherine Parr, who was the sixth wife of Henry VIII.

Kendal Castle fell into disrepair during the Tudor period, but its foundational walls still stand, and you can see one of the original towers. There are also two vaults that are mostly intact. Learn about the history of Kendal Castle at the Kendal Museum, where you can see how the castle looked during its golden years and see medieval artefacts.

4. Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle is one of the primary castles near Lake Windermere that you should visit. It overlooks River Esk and is privately owned by the Pennington family, who’ve made the castle their home for 800 years. The sprawling gardens and magnificent design of Muncaster Castle make it one of the premier destinations in the region.

Muncaster Castle has an impressive Great Hall and a 14th-century watchtower. Wander through the castle gardens and visit the beautiful owl sanctuary and maze. The gardens also feature unparalleled views of Esk Valley and the river below.

5. Sizergh Castle

Sizergh Castle is a famous castle near Windermere, just six kilometres south of Kendal. The castle and its grounds belong to the National Trust, although the Hornyold-Strickland family still lives there. The castle is also part of the Lake District National Park.

The interior of Sizergh Castle is absolutely stunning, with plenty of oak panelling and design. The Inlaid Chamber is especially impressive because of the intricate geometric and floral woodwork. If you love architecture and remarkable interiors, Sizergh Castle is a great place to wander around for the day.

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