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As many of you will know, Craig Manor underwent an exciting refurbishment last summer. But as the pandemic has continued to place restrictions in our path, we haven’t been able to share our contemporary new styling with you all as much as we would have liked to. So, we’ve decided to explore some of the key elements from Craig Manor’s new look to inspire you with your own home interiors during lockdown. After all, with many of us now spending more time than ever in our homes, what better time is there to add a refresh and creative touch to your abode?

Interiors Focus: What’s new at Craig Manor

Our interior update here at Craig Manor features a delightful host of fresh colours, natural light, and beautiful period features in our newly styled bedrooms. We have chosen to mix clean, calming colours with the natural Lake District lighting (thanks to our large, traditional windows) and carried period features throughout. Think strong, bold, and regal colour schemes with the added luxury of comfort with our crisp white linen sheets. These mood lifting touches are effective ways of updating your own interiors and many of them are simple to introduce!

Tips & Ideas To Refresh Your Home

With Spring just around the corner, we’ve pulled together some simple tips and advice that are easy to introduce into your home. Many of the latest interior trends focus on making our homes cosier, warmer, and more inviting. There’s lots of soft textures and touches of nature featuring in this year’s top interior trends – seemingly reflecting the fact we’re all spending much more time at home. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks:

Play With Textures

Textures are one of the easiest ways to customise your interior and add a stylish touch to any room. Layering with textures at home can help to create a contemporary and dynamic feel. Try combining cushions and blankets with complimentary textures in vases, plant pots, place mats, prints and well-curated knick-knacks. Earthy textures create a good base to build from – think rustic wood pieces with natural stone finishes and maybe even a rattan mirror to finish. You could even try bringing the outside in! There are some many creative uses for things you can find outside for free too… Top tip: try using Lakeland Slate found on your favourite walks for coasters.

Textured furniture is also a big hit this year, with lots of grain on display. If you’re not keen on splashing out on new pieces for your home, there are a host of upcycling ideas to help inject new life into your current furniture – a trick we opted for here at The Manor with some of our sideboards and bedside tables. You can achieve fantastic results with a little sandpaper, wood stain, furniture paint and some stylish new handles. Take a look at these upcycled pieces from Petit Miracles:

Image Credit: Petit Miracles

Life In Colour

The recent refurbished bedrooms at Craig Manor feature a carefully selected colour palette, featuring fresh hues and regal tones. The colour schemes we all choose for our walls at home play a hugely important role, creating the backdrop to how we live and feel day-to-day. Colour is much more than decorative – it’s emotive and enhances how we feel about our personal spaces. The colour of your walls can have a huge effect on our emotions, happiness, and wellbeing. So getting the colour scheme right is key in creating a happy home! Some of the most popular colour trends doing the rounds this year include:

  • Calming, grounding, earthy tones (neutrals offer a great base to build your interior from)
  • Bold, deep jewel tones (think rich hues of blues and emerald to make a statement)
  • Soft, uplifting hues (such as seafoam green, meadow yellow and sky blue)
  • Pantone colours of the year (yellow and grey harmony)

Would you try the boldness of these jewel tones in your home?

Image Credit: Pinterest

Refresh With Prints

Have you spotted some of the quirky new additions on the walls here at Craig Manor yet? We’ve introduced a number of iconic Penguin Prints into our newly refurbished rooms, adding a bold splash of colour and injecting character. We think prints are one of the simplest and most creative ways to introduce some vibrance into your interior. You could opt for something similar at home too. Why not try some colourful prints in your rooms or choose a meaningful quote or illustration – see what suits your style best. These colourful, customisable framed quotes from Mimar Sinan Studio on Etsy are a great option, as are these quirky, nature-inspired watercolour prints from Hattie Hat, both of which are British independent businesses!

Image: Penguin Prints at Craig Manor

Indoor Plants: Homegrown & Edible

As we all spend more time at home throughout the pandemic, edible plants have continued to grow in popularity. Having your own freshly grown indoor herbs and vegetables is ideal for creating dishes and beverages – ensuring you have all the ingredients you need right at your fingertips and helping to reduce our impact on the environment (it doesn’t get much more organic than home-grown)! There are a variety of sizes and types of plants perfect for any home – from low maintenance Cacti or long leaf greens that love a sunny windowsill. Not to mention the many health and wellbeing benefits of plants… Recent scientific studies have shown that homes featuring plants help to reduce stress, increase productivity, keep the air clean and boost your creativity! The power of Mother Nature is incredible. We love this indoor mini greenhouse idea from Real Homes:

Image Credit Left to Right: Real Homes

2021 Style Focus: Contemporary Country

It doesn’t have to be a full-scale renovation or refurb to create a cosy and contemporary style in your home. From sleek, unique pieces of furniture to feature wall, subtle lighting, and statement rugs, it’s easy to get creative in any room! One of the stand-out trends in the world of Home Interiors this year is ‘Contemporary Country’. Think warm amber tones, mellow, nature inspired prints and delicate embroidery. We recommend experimenting with natural and durable textures for a cosy look that will brighten your home along with your spirit. Try mixing and matching colours with your favourite prints for a more modern country vibe. You can explore the ‘Contemporary Country’ style further here.

Image Credit: House & Garden

DIY at Home is Good For You!

Lockdown has given many of us a unique opportunity to spend more time on DIY projects, particularly in our homes. During International Wallpaper Week, Graham & Brown took a closer look at how many of us are turning to decorating to help get us through lockdown… think of it like interior design therapy!

Their stats and findings are really interesting. Did you know that 54% of us have learnt new DIY skills they wouldn’t have tried before during lockdown? And 94 % of those doing DIY think it has been good for their mental health and wellbeing! Turns out that refreshing our interiors is not only helping to lift our mood and teach us new skills during Covid-19, but also helping to strengthen our relationships too. More of us are taking on DIY at home with our partners, parents, siblings and children than ever before. Take a closer look here.

Still looking for more home interior inspiration? Explore these great 2021 trends from Country Living.