This walk gives you a great opportunity to see Windermere as it takes you up through the town and towards Wynlass Beck before bringing you back down to Bowness. You can enjoy plenty of fantastic views as well as seeing some of the town itself. Although you can complete the circuit in under two hours, there are a number of great places to stop off at, so you may want to give yourself a little more time. The route covers 5.7 miles and mostly consists of roads and lanes, so the terrain shouldn’t be too tricky.

Wynlass Beck

Take a walk from Windermere to the Townend farmhouse in the village of Troutbeck and take in the wonderful countryside around the Lake District. This route takes you past some fantastic historical spots and wonderful architecture as well as some great lakeside views. At seven miles, this route can be a little challenging so might not be suitable for those who aren’t up to longer distances. You can expect to complete in a little over two hours at a good pace.


This is a great circular walk that will allow you to see some of the best of the Lake District, with fantastic views of Lake Windermere and the Langdale Pikes to enjoy. This is a little more challenging than some of the other walks due to the uneven terrain, steep inclines and obstacles such as stiles. This is definitely one for someone who is steady on their feet and would not be ideal for pushchairs or wheelchairs. The route is around five miles and should take roughly two hours at a decent pace.

School Knott

While this route isn’t particularly long, it still presents a few challenges along the way such as rough terrain and stiles. However, it is certainly worth it when you take in the spectacular views which were once described by the author, Alfred Wainwright who stated, “a moment of magic, a revelation so unexpected that I stood transfixed, unable to believe my eyes.” The route should take you around an hour and a half and is 3.7 miles long.

Orrest Head

As this is a Windermere walk that should only take around an hour, it is a great option for all ages and abilities. The route is roughly 2.8 miles and takes you along the lake for some great views. There’s plenty to see along the way so you can take your time with this one and even explore some of the shops in Bowness.


Lake Windermere is one of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District so why not incorporate a trip across the lake into a walk? This route takes you across the water by ferry and up to Claife Heights where you can escape into beautiful woodland for a relaxing Lake District walk while you take in views of Windermere itself. The route is six miles and takes upwards of two hours, depending on how much time you want to spend around the lake.

Claife Heights

If you’re looking for a full day out with some incredible views and a bit of a challenge, this walk from Windermere to Grasmere is perfect. This is a long route, so make sure to come prepared as it covers over nine miles and will take at least six hours. You’ll get to enjoy two of the lakes that the Lake District is most famous for, with plenty of beautiful scenery along the way. This route includes some steep climbs, so it may not be suitable for everyone.


This route takes you on a nice leisurely stroll around the local area that surrounds Bowness-on-Windermere. This walk covers mostly country lanes and roads and is ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing few hours out, rather than an energetic hike. It should take roughly three hours and covers 8.6 miles.

Back Lane Circular

Set aside a full day for this walk to Esthwaite Water as it can take up to five hours or longer if you fancy a few pit stops along the way. The route leads you down to Lake Windermere before you take a ferry across and onto Esthwaite Water, seeing Far Sawrey and Hawkshead along the way. While the walk mostly consists of country roads, this is a long walk at over 11 miles, so it may not be suitable for everyone, but the journey will certainly be worth it.

Esthwaite Water

Giving excellent views out across Windermere, this walk is a great route for someone who wants to get a little more familiar with the area. While it’s not exactly a steep hike, there is a bit of an incline up Brantfell so it may be a little challenging for some. It should be fairly smooth underfoot, but the final descent into Bowness may be a little trickier. At 1.7 miles, this Windermere walk should take you around an hour, but could take up to an hour and a half depending on how quickly you make it up the incline!