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Our promise

Here at Craig Manor Hotel, we place a huge importance on respecting and protecting your privacy, as part of this commitment, please see the below statement that expands on the detailed use of cookies on our website.

This Cookie Policy explains which cookies are placed on your Device when you visit our website and how the information obtained from those cookies is used.

We notify you about our use of cookies when you first visit our Website, through a notification banner at the top of the page. By continuing to use the site, you consent to our use of cookies. However, you can change your cookie settings, and choose whether or not to accept cookies at any time. Further information about managing your cookie settings is provided below.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small (text) files that are sent to your browser while you are visiting a website and which are subsequently stored on the hard drive or in the memory of your computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet (“your Device”). During your next visit to our Website, the browser can send back this information. The cookies that are stored through our Website cannot harm your Device or any files that are saved on your Device.

Which cookies are used by Craig Manor Hotel and for which purpose?

Craig Manor Hotel makes use of functional cookies. These cookies are necessary to provide the requested service, some of these cookies are only stored on your Device temporarily. These cookies are automatically erased when you close your browser. The information obtained through the use of these session cookies is used to map your online behaviour during a visit to our Website in order to be able to increase your user experience and to adjust our Website to the needs of its users. The Craig Manor Hotel may also make use of cookies that remain stored on your Device for a longer period of time. With these permanent cookies your Device can be recognized the next time you visit our Website. Finally, if you have agreed to this, Craig Manor Hotel may place tracking cookies, which are solely used for retargeting purposes.

We don’t use cookies to track individuals or store sensitive information such as your name, address or credit card details.

Third parties (such as online reservations systems, Google and social media websites) that feature on this website may also use cookies to ensure their features and processes work properly. Please note we are not responsible for cookie usage on these websites and systems.

Craig Manor Hotel also reads information from your browser and your Device without a cookie being stored. In this way, Craig Manor Hotel collects the (technical) features of your terminal equipment and software used by you, such as the type of operating system, the browser settings, the installed plug-ins, the time zone and the screen size.

Our Website is linked to various social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Through the use of these social plug ins you can share and recommend information to others. Through the social plug ins, third party functional cookies are stored on your Device. These are cookies that are used to optimise your experience of the social media websites. Also, if you have agreed to this, third party tracking cookies may be stored that are used to track your online behaviour when using various websites and to build a profile of your online behaviour.

How to stop cookies

The consent you have given to store and read certain cookies can be withdrawn at any time by setting your browser to disable cookies and/or to remove all cookies from your browser.

You can stop cookies from being deployed on your device by configuring your browser not to accept them or opt-out. Please refer to your browser’s ‘help’ facility.

If cookies are already on your system, you can delete them. For more information on cookies and deletion of cookies please visit:

Please note that we can’t be responsible for the content or views expressed on this external website.

Privacy Statement

Craig Manor’s full Privacy Policy can be read here.


Please be aware that this Cookies Policy may change from time to time.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback about our cookie policy by emailing or contacting us by post at Craig Manor Hotel, Lake Road, Windermere, LA23 2JF. Alternatively, please do feel to contact us by phone on 015394 88877.