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When planning a holiday, many people worry about what to do with their dogs while they’re away. Finding a trusted friend or family member who is willing to look after your dog for you can be difficult, and while leaving your dog in a kennel is always an option, the best ones are often fully booked up, and some dogs find kennels too distressing for it to be a viable option for everybody.

But the good news is that there is a solution to this problem that means everybody can be happy, whether they have two feet or four. Planning your holiday around your dog is much easier than you may have thought, and it means that you can enjoy your next holiday with everyone included, fur and all.

If you’re on the fence, we thought we’d give you a little bit of inspiration by running through some of the best reasons why you should consider bringing your dog with you on holiday.


Dogs are part of the family

Anybody who has a dog will know that they are much more than just a family pet – they are a family member in their own right, and including them in your day to day life is super important.

This means that for many dog owners, the thought of leaving the dog at home for an extended period of time is unthinkable. The guilt of leaving a dog behind at a kennel can be really tough for many dog owners, and the holiday itself can often be filled with anxiety, wondering how your dog is doing without you.

By planning a dog-friendly holiday, you can have your dog right there by your side, with no need to worry about them missing you, or indeed, you missing them too! Children can find it especially difficult to be parted from their beloved pet, as they often form strong bonds, and having their furry best friend with them on holiday can even help to make them feel less homesick.


You’ll save money

Leaving your dog at a kennel is not only stressful, it’s expensive, too. Failing that, finding a good dog-sitter could set you back a pretty penny too! Luckily, dog-friendly holidays are becoming more and more common, and for just a small fee you can find somewhere for you to stay together.

Here are Craig Manor we charge just £15 per dog per night, making bringing your dog with you much more cost-effective.


Plenty of new walks to enjoy

While the sights and smells of home are great, why not treat your dog to a whole new adventure with plenty of exciting new walks to enjoy? However much you enjoy exploring new spots, your dog will no doubt enjoy it even more!

Here in the Lake District, there are certainly no shortage of wonderful walks to enjoy, and if you’re staying with us here at Craig Manor we even have a selection of favourite walks that begin right from our front door. Check out our Craig Walks page for all the details, as well as maps, or read our guide to the best dog walks in the Lake District and best dog friendly pubs in the Lake District.


You’ll be more active

While a holiday is a great chance to relax, with so many great walks to enjoy, it would be a real shame to miss out. Having your dog with you means that not only will you have plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind together, your dog will make sure you stay active every day too!

It can be all too easy to settle down and get comfortable when you’re on holiday, and before you know it the days have flown by and it’s time to go home! Your dog will make sure you get in plenty of exploring too.


Planning a holiday with your four-legged friend soon? Why not head for the Lakes? We have several dog friendly rooms available here at Craig Manor, so the whole family can stay together. Just give us a call to find out our availability!