2 Hours+
5 Miles
Experienced Walkers
Craig Manor Hotel


Upon exiting the Craig Manor Hotel turn right on to Lake Road, follow the road and take the third exit onto the long stretch that is Biskey Howe Road. Nearing the end of the road you’ll find a path to your right marked for Biskey Howe Viewpoint. Follow this to see the Biskey Howe Toposcope and stunning views across Lake Windermere and the outlining fells and mountains.


Once you’re ready to re-embark, retrace your steps back to Biskey Howe Road and continue down the road in the direction you was heading. Just around the first corner you will come across a fork in the road, take the path to the left and then turn down the first footpath to the right marked with a wooden sign post.


Stick to the path for approx. 250m and take the path to the left, turning onto Dales Way. Continuing along Dales Way and stick to the left when it splits into two.


After passing some cottages to the right of the path cross Lickbarrow Road going through the gates at both sides of the road and continue along Dales Way.


Following on through Dales Way you will join a road that leads onto the B5284. Once on the B5284 turn left and after approx. 300m take the path to your left. This takes you back onto Dales Way and towards the ‘Unnamed Tarn’ which will be on your left, which is a fantastic picnic spot if you brought supplies and fancy taking a break.


After passing the tarn you will cross Scout Beck, upon which you will find a split in the path, turn off the direction you were currently on and take the other path heading to your right.


Following this path leads onto School Knott tarn and then onto the summit of School Knott. School knott gives you a stunning view across the north of Windermere and its lake as well as fine views of the Kirkstone Fells on the way up.


Continuing along the path, taking a left upon joining back up with Dales Way.


Stick to the path for around 150m before taking a path to the right leading back across Scout Beck.


Now follow the path back across Lickbarrow Road, after around 200m at the split in the path take the path to the right. This gravel pathway puts you onto Park Road, Turn left and follow the road all the way to a T junction at the end.


At the T junction turn right joining a familiar road named ‘Craig Walk’ following this puts you back onto Lake Road (A5074), upon reaching Lake Road turn left and you will find the Craig Manor Hotel not that far to your right (roughly 300m).

2 Hours+
5 Miles
Experienced Walkers
Craig Manor Hotel
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